Create your 7 days trial account from our selected credit monitoring partner for just $1.00. You will have access to all 3 credit reports from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax and other very useful information about your credit profile. By creating this account, you have agreed to grant Thai’s Capital Investment and its associated partners permission to access your account for the purpose of this application


Wait for your Pre-Qualification update from our team by email or call. If you are pre-qualified for credit lines, you can skip this step and follow our instructions to start your credit application. If you were not qualified and were consulted by our team to go through this step, then you need to submit your $99 through the PayPal Payment Button below. A very thorough analysis report will be done by our team of experts to explain everything that you need to know about your credit profile and how we could help you improve so you can obtain the credit line that you can be qualified for.

Step 3: Sign your service contract.

It will take about one day, normally same day to receive your credit report and the analysis report. If you are pre-qualified, we will tell you how much you are guaranteed to qualify for. For example: from $50,000 to $75,000. If you are satisfied with the amount offered, we will send you a service contract via email so you can docusign it with your phone or computer. At this point, if you will need mostly cash instead of credit lines, please make sure you tell us upfront so we can get you what you need otherwise it will automatically be in form of revolving credit lines.

Step 4: Pay your service fee when your funds are received.

Expect an invoice email from us at any time when your total funds received are within the guaranteed range that we qualified you for. You will not be invoiced for any funds above the guaranteed range as a bonus gift from us. The fee is 12% of the total funds guaranteed. Any unpaid invoice will be reported as collections and will greatly affect your credit. The great news is that you will not have to pay any interests of up to 18% for the first full year so we are actually saving you money even with the 12% fee. You have one full year to pay off any funds used with 0% interest. Interests will be applied only to any left-over balance owed after the first year. Also, you will only be paying interests only for what you used and the line of credit is revolving.


  • Quickly receive unsecured revolving lines of credit, in forms of credit cards, up to $150,000+ per individual; multiple individuals per family allowed.
  • Introductory rates as low as 0% for the first year for multiple lines of credits at the same time.
  • Guarantee success or we do not collect any fees. Depending on the credit history of individuals, we will offer the Pre-Qualification along with our GUARANTEE fund amount and the fee is only due once we met the guaranteed amount. So, if we give you a Pre-Qualification from $50,000 - $70,000, then $50,000 is the Minimum Guarantee meaning that as soon as we hit $50,000 in approvals we've earned our fee . However, we will continue to work on getting that remaining $20,000 or more. The fee would be capped at the Pre-qualifying amount of $70,000, so even if we hit a Grand Slam and got you $100,000, the fee would still be 12% of the Max Guarantee of $70,000 Pre- Qual only and not 12% of $100,000. If for some reason we stall out at $60,000 then the fee would be based on the $60,000 in total funding obtained.
  • Minimum Credit Required: 600
    • Credit Card line is revolving and can be used as needed.
    • Monthly payment is generally 2% of the amount used each month and the payments will then become revolving which can be used again.
    • Our fee is normally 12% of the pre-qualifying amount. If we can get you more, it will still only be 12% of the prequalifying amount. This fee can be paid by check or credit card when we send you the invoice.
    • The rate for the line of credit will be from 8% to 18%. Interests only apply to the amount used.
  • 700 Fico Score is required.
  • NO minimum time-in-business, NO proof-of-income, NO collateral or business plan.