Personal Line of Credit & Bank Loan

  • Quickly receive unsecured revolving lines of credit, up to $150,000+ per individual; no up-front fees!
  • Multiple individuals per business allowed
  • NO minimum time-in-business, NO proof-of-income, NO collateral or business plan required
  • Introductory rates as low as 0% the the first year for multiple lines at the same time.
  • Guarantee success or we do not collect any fees. Depending on the credit history of individuals, we will offer the Pre-Qualification along with our GUARANTEE fund amount and the fee is only due once we met the guaranteed amount. So, if we give you a Pre-Qualification for $70,000 that would come with a $50,000 Minimum Guarantee meaning that as soon as we hit $50,000 in approvals we've earned our fee. However, we continue to work on getting that remaining $20,000 or more. The fee would be capped at the Pre-qualifying amount of $70,000, so even if we hit a Grand Slam and got you $90,000... the fee would be based on the $70,000 Pre- Qual. If for some reason we stall out at $60,000 then the fee would be based on the $60,000 in total funding obtained
  • Minimum Credit Required: 600
    • Credit line is revolving and can be used as needed
    • Monthly payment is generally 2% of the amount used each month and the payments will then become revolving which can be used again
    • Our fee is normally 10% of the pre-qualifying amount. If we can get you more, it will still only be 10% of the prequalifying amount. This fee can be paid after you get funded and can be deducted from the funds or ach from your account
    • The rate for the line of credit will be from 8% to 18%. Interests only apply to the amount used.
  • Ask your client for their Full Name, Email, and Phone Number. We will email them a link to fill out a short form to authorize a Soft Credit Pull (soft credit pull will not effect their score)
  • We will let you know if your client is pre-qualified or not and why within the same day.
  • If pre-qualified, we will let your client know how much we can qualify them for and application process will start.
  • 7-10 days to be funded.


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